Upside tech support package

  • Rancilio Classe 11 Xcelsius Commercial Espresso Machine
  • Installation + Calibration
  • Planned maintenance Bi-annual visit
  • Water filter kit x2 replenishments

The Classe 11 features Cool Touch steam wand, 4-tea hot water temperature control for tea and infusions, Advanced Boiler Management (ABM.07), ergonomic handles and levers, LED Lights, and optional Connect online management.


  • Smart Interface: Featuring a complete touchscreen interface, topped with tempered glass for protection. Navigate through Classe 11 with familiar language inspired by today’s smartphones.
  • CONNECT (optional upgrade): This advanced upgrade allows you to adjust settings, monitor technical problems, and track daily consumptions from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Snap & Share: Utilizing a QR Code, this scanning app can be used to check and share real-time parameters and counters.
  • 4-TEA: Patented by Rancilio, this hot water temperature control system for tea and infusions offers three different programmable temperatures and dosages to steep the perfect spot of tea every time.
  • ABM.07 (Advanced Boiler Management): Specifically designed for high volume and simultaneous-use times, this management system predicts possible drops in temperature to ensure continual temperature consistency.
  • C-Lever: The Rancilio patent steam valve and ergonomic control knob offers convenient open-stay and open-close functions. Turn the knob upwards for an open-stay valve position or turn the knob downwards to manually control the steam intensity.
  • iSteam:(optional upgrade) Achieve soft, compact froth with this automatic milk frothing option.
  • Electric Cup Warmer: Utilize the cup warmer to pre-heat cups to an optimal temperature for the best-tasting drink possible.